Characters in a forest telling stories musically* is a research project and public program initiated by angela jerardi.

CIAFTSM considers narrative and ways of storytelling as crucial tools for unraveling the slow violence of ecological crisis we currently face. Through the research of disparate forms of knowledge: vernacular, ethnographic, folkloric, curatorial and scientific, it aims to enact notions of polyphony as an approach for studying the wild blueberry bush and the boreal forests of Sweden and Finland as history-makers, and aruges that this microcosm provides a complex and captivating case study for considering multispecies relations.

Through unlearning and listening to other ways of knowing we might find ways of acting in a reparative mode. Alongside this, extant forms of knowledge, including traditional ecological knowledge and peasant forestry and agrarian practices, provide alternative models for ways of being that incorporate human disturbance as an inherent part of ecologies.

*CIAFTSM borrows its name, with a slight modification, from composer Robert Ashley's description of opera.


- more info coming soon -